Wednesday, 2 March 2011

wishlist wednesday

i'd planned to wish for my new storage box to turn up..but then it turned up this morning! score :). the things i still want are..

  • some nubar and orly nail varnishes. i've never tried either before, shocking i know.
  • for american idol to chuck clint off and bring back jaycee :( he's so adorable and his voice is so much better than clint's!
  • black wedges. none in particular, just a nice new pair of black wedges :) my mother has amaazing leopard print ones from office and i'd quite like a pair exactly the same but in black.
  • sleep, sleep, and more sleep. it seems like half term only made me more tired than i already was.
  • self restraint! i've resorted to buying myself one of those money tins that you can only open with a can-opener. it's going to break my heart to put £10 notes in there but desperate times call for desperate measures!
  • winter. i know it hasn't exactly gone yet but i miss the lead-up to christmas and the snow :(

how pretty is that?! i miss seeing snow fall :( the picture is off bbc, i think.


  1. I want some nubar too! :D Too many nice shades, not enough time. Black wedges are the bomb, go with so much, so easy to walk in too, you won't regret a little splurge on them :P

  2. we should definitely invest! haha that's what i'm thinking, even my mother approves of buying black wedges because she thinks it may stop me buying more shoes for a while. little does she know mwuahaha