Thursday, 10 March 2011

my first ever urban decay purchase!

there are a number of reasons urban decay never appealed to me. firstly, "urban decay" sounds like a name that's trying to be too "down with the kids" if you get me? also, i hated the packaging. not quite sure why, i think i'm just prejudiced because of the name haha.

that was until i came across this baby!..

meet big fatty waterproof mascara :) i have no idea why, but i totally fell for it. i kind of resented paying £15 for it since it was my first purchase from the brand and i hadn't had a chance to google reviews, but it was well worth it. you get 18ml of product, which is about twice as much as some cheaper products so it works out as being actually reasonably priced :)

i wore this on a night out and was so impressed. it lasted from about 6pm until almost 4am without smudging even a little bit and i'm sure i remember crying of laughter and also my eyes watering from the cold, but this little wonder product just wouldn't budge :)!

this shows two coats. i took it off my phone camera so the quality is rather awful, but if you look you can see that the ends of the lashes have faded on my picture. in real life they really haven't, my lashes go on for miles and it's totally black!

i think this shows three coats on the top and one very light coat on the bottom, though i have to admit all the pictures of my eyes confused me a little bit haha.

all in all, i love this product! some of the girls i wore this out with had fake lashes on and they honestly didn't look all that much bigger than my feeble little lashes wearing big fatty! (also, i love the name). i can definitely see myself repurchasing and maybe buying a little something else from urban decay..


  1. Your eyes are so pretty Shanice :D

  2. why thank you, i think they're just the only photogenic parts of me haha

  3. I have some Urban Decay eye shadows and I like them! I wore one yesterday actually. THey are super bright/dark and very pigmented so I tend to wet a brush and wear them as liners which is super cute!

  4. ooh that's a good idea! i'm not very brave when it comes to eye colours though

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