Wednesday, 16 March 2011

wishlist wednesday

  • anything from illamasqua's toxic nature collection. it seems to be all over blogs at the moment and the nail varnishes look amazing!
  • this ring from asos, it's £14 and i so want it!
  • also this ring. it's £8 from asos and also comes in lime green and a bright purple.

for those of you that don't speak french, it roughly translates as "i love you more than yesterday, less than tomorrow." aww :)

i don't know why, but i have such a thing for jewellery lately. i came across some of my nan's old brooches and i just fell in love with them :). i'd also quite like some nail varnishes from the models own crackle collection, some more stuff from korres, and last (but definitely NOT least) my r.s teacher back :( she hasn't been in since christmas and apparently isn't coming back at all, so we may never see her again. and we may also fail our exam.


  1. Is she really not coming back at all? D: Oh god, good bye A levels, been nice knowing you...

    You have to get some of the Toxic Nature collection, its seriously the bomb ;D

  2. that's what emma said, i think miss rob told her :/
    i think i may, it looks so good!