Wednesday, 30 March 2011

wishlist wednesday

hello fellow bloggers :) this week i want..

  • this lovely little bolero from h&m. i actually have no idea what a bolero is, i'm just taking h&m's word for it. it's £19.99 on the website, down from £34.99 so you could call it a bit of a bargain! i'm obviously not sure what it looks like in real life, but i'm imagining it making a beach outfit just that little bit more special, or being thrown on over an LBD and worn with matching heels maybe? i don't know, i just know i want it!
  • the shorts are £14.99, also from h&m. they don't look all that nice in this photo, but if you click this it should take you to a page of shorts and they're on the far right. they come in kind of a navy blue too, i think i want both of them. so cute!

  • i've never heard of a trapeze jacket before, but i really want one! this one is £70 so it's unlikely i'll end up getting it, but i'm keeping my eye out for a cheaper copycat version.

this is the link to it.

  • lip pencils are growing on me, thanks to the posts on mouldy fruit. i really, really want to try a nars velvet matte lip pencil. i'm not sure in what colour, i think i need to hunt down a nars counter and see them in real life to pick a colour.

that's it for now:)! so i'm going to mess around on blogs for a bit, then hide the laptop and get craking with some revision :(

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