Monday, 22 August 2011


Afternoon! I've had a lovely lazy day (again) today, just got lots of reading done and took the dog out for a walk. Also took outfit photos up my Bampy's house, the dog looked very confused by this random turn of events.

top & skirt: h&m
tights: not sure, i have too many pairs of tights hah.
shoes: primark (they're leopard print, not sure if you can tell).

I've been panicking about uni accommodation because it seems like everyone else has been told about their accommodation and I haven't! But I tweeted Aberystwyth yesterday and they replied saying I'll find out from Wednesday onwards :) They also e-mailed me today to tell me about a welcome booklet they're sending me and all the e-mails I should expect to receive. They have a really awesome service, I haven't even left yet and they've already made me feel really welcome! What university are you going to? What will you study? Oh, before I forget, good luck to everyone who gets their GCSE results soon!

Have a read of this website, it's been keeping me amused for a while now!

On another, less positive note, my mother's just informed me I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. I HATE DENTISTS. waaaaaah.

Have a good day!