Wednesday, 4 May 2011

long time no blog!

no wishlist wednesday today; there just isn't all that much i actually want! instead, i thought i'd attempt an OOTD post. now, bear with me with ootd posting. i don't get along with my face at the moment, so that will be chopped out of pictures.

i'm fully aware this isn't the most imaginative of outfits, but it's my go-to casual outfit. the top is from dorothy perkins; with this kind of top i tend to buy one or two sizes bigger than i actually am as they just don't suit me otherwise. the jeans are asos's own jeans, and i actually got them for £15 on sale! i'm not really big on jeans but i like this sort of style, and i couldn't really turn them down for £15 :) if i leave the house with this outfit on, i usually wear brogues or just plain flats with an across-the-body bag :)

p.s. if you can see my nail varnish, it's barry m's yellow nail varnish. biggest disappointment ever :( i think barry m may have changed the formula a bit 'cause everything i've bought recently isn't living up to my old stash.

p.p.s the only thing on my wishlist is a winning lottery ticket, please and thanks..

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