Sunday, 17 April 2011

sporadic summary

the word sporadic always reminds me of the film clueless, when brittany murphy learns it. i really hope i'm not the the only one that remembers that haha. anyway, i've decided to start doing summaries but i'm not ready to commit to a specific day; hence the sporadic summary :)

^me today, looking rather pervy. you can also see my teddy in the background, creatively named "fluffy".

1. today, i visited my grandmother in her nursing home for the first time. that sounds bad, but she only went in there one day this week haha. it was so scary there, one woman in particular tried kidnapping me and the others just looked like they wanted to suck the youth out of me. not good.

2. do you remember these chocolate bars?! my mother bought them this week for the first time in ages, childhood memories came flooding back! nom.

3. i've been riffling through old cds to get me through revision, which i started properly this week. current favourites: otis redding and deborah harry/blondie.

4. america is mental for sending paul out of american idol. that is all.

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