Tuesday, 26 April 2011

got milk?

in the week before mother's day, the only word i could thing of to describe my skin was "stressed." not because of mother's day, that would be a bit dramatic, but it was just playing up really bad. enter korres milk soap for stressed skin. as soon as i saw the words "stressed" and "skin" i pounced haha.

korres say:
Milk has been used as a cosmetic since antiquity for its moisturising, purifying and nourishing properties. It is still considered an invaluable skincare ingredient due to its rich composition and skin compatibility. Thanks to their excellent absorption and water-binding ability, milk proteins have excellent moisturising properties, offering more than 40% essential amino acids that cannot be synthesised by human cells. They play a vital role in the maintenance of collagen, elastin and keratin. They have a high affinity with the skin’s natural components and are acknowledged to be true epidermomimetic substances, remarkably biocompatible, and therefore perfectly well

you get two bars of soap in a handy little container; i've been using it daily (sometimes twice daily) since mother's day and it's made a definite improvement. it's really mild, so suitable for the most sensitive skin i think. it leaves my skin squeaky clean after and i kind of like that; it makes me feel like something's going right. since i've been using it, my pores have gone smaller and my skin in general looks a lot more calm. it only costs £4 and i'm only just half way through my first bar! also, i've always had really problematic skin on my neck; not spots or anything, but really dry and i tend to have a permanent red patch on my neck. nothing gets rid of it other than steroid cream, which you're not supposed to use long term. but since using this soap, it's actually cleared it up! i definitely recommend trying this :)

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