Monday, 4 April 2011

slight ramble & a notd

as i write this, it's rather late at night. i should be asleep, but i'm multitasking rather impressively. i'm currently in bed, blogging, doing english coursework, and watching gentlemen prefer blondes. admittedly english is getting slightly neglected due to the film and blogging, but still.

i adore this film; marilyn monroe and jane russell are both beautiful and so talented! they really don't make actresses like this anymore :( plus i love how old films sort of brag about being in technicolor rather than black and white, it's rather endearing :)

on to the nail varnish..OK, i admit it. i have a drawer full of nail varnishes that i've never worn. the particular nail varnish in question was given to my mother for me by one of her friends. it's Constance Carroll Diamond Gloss 5 day nail polish, in the shade pink cherry. "pink cherry" is a spot-on shade name in my opinion. it's a gloriously deep pink shade, with an almost jelly-like finish. it's filled with silver glitter; this could be perceived as being tacky, but i still like it! i tried to capture it on camera, but failed miserably..

application is really good and it lasts a fair while too, i'm definitely going to try and find out where my mother's friend got this from and see if i can get my hands on some too :)

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