Monday, 11 April 2011

barry m is always two for £5

today's post is about barry m's "mint green." my favourite thing about barry m is how inventive they are with their names...< /sarcasm>

the reason i picked this up was because i thought it was a possible dupe for china glaze's "for audrey." and as much as i love china glaze & for audrey, i'd like it more if i could get it in a 2 for £5 offer. well, it turns out i was wrong. but it's still a nice colour, so it's a win-win situation.

there are a few downsides but, as always with barry m, i'm willing to forgive them. application wasn't the best and it kind of stained my nails, but's such a pretty colour!

another thing i'm loving atm..ashton kutcher! i watched what happens in vegas (again) yesterday and fell in love with him, yet again. demi, if you're reading've got competition, bitch.

i'm joking obviously, but isn't he a babe!
he's such a cheeky chappy! any ashton lookalikes out there, get in touch :)

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