Wednesday, 13 April 2011

wishlist wednesday

  • one of the (many) reasons i dislike summer is because i hate having to show skin; i like wrapping up warm and using clothes almost as a security blanket. palazzo trousers seem to be a way around this. i haven't tried any on yet, but in my mind they're sort of breezy trousers that keep you covered up whilst still keeping you cool :)
these ones are from asos, cost £30 and come in 3 other colours.
  • another thing i think will come in handy is this pair of shoes, also from asos. they cost £45 and i think they'll be good at taking beach looks up a notch. don't they look comfy?
  • i tried getting a picture of this bag from next, but it wouldn't let me :( i really like it though. another thing on my wishlist is a job at next, i have an interview there on friday so fingers crossed!
  • to fix the world. i've said this so many times haha, but i really wish there was a solid prevention method for cancer and earthquakes and all the other shitty things in the world!
  • EASTER HOLIDAYS. i'm not going into school on friday, so just one more day for me! woooooo! so excited haha, is there anything you're lusting over:)?

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