Friday, 22 April 2011

i just came to say hello

i thought the easter holidays would be all about sleep, but it's been all about revision :( i've been at it since 11 and now i'm taking a break for a piece of pasty (homemade by my mother - delicious), a cuppa and some blogs.

i can't believe i missed out on this week's wishlist wednesday, so i'll just mention one or two things i want atm. desperate housewives series 1 is one thing i want, my dad's been dispatched to tesco to look for it and if he can't find it, i'll order it off amazon later. isn't amazon amazing?

i'd also like the weather to stay as it is right now! it's all cloudy and rainy at the moment, my perfect weather.

a dog! puggles are quite possibly the cutest dogs ever, just look at their little faces..

just imagine snuggling up on the settee stroking one of those adorable little things! it's so depressing knowing i can't have one :(.

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