Thursday, 14 April 2011

notd :)

i really wanted to wear o.p.i's sweetheart, but it's so streaky i had to find a way around it. so i painted a make-up sponge with lincoln park after dark and dabbed it on my nails :)

it actually looks a lot less tacky in real life, honest. i like this because i know it's the type of thing that some people will be like "ooh that's nice!" and others won't like it at all. this was my first time trying the spongey thing so hopefully, the next time i try it, i can get it neater :) it really is a quick and simple way of making your nails just that little bit different.

btw, the bit where you choose a font when you type a post has disappeared on my blogger; any ideas on how to get it back:(?

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