Friday, 22 April 2011

25 things i do when i'm on my own

so i was just catching up on blogs when i came across a certain post on one of my favourite blogs, kelanjo. if you haven't guessed from the title, it's just 25 things i do when i'm on my own..

this will probably be boring to read, but i'm bored so it was just something for me to do :')

1. re-watch gossip girl in bed.
2. read blogs.
3. file my nails and glare at my cuticles, then paint my nails.
4. mess around with my hair.
5. watch films. i have about 6 piles of dvds and i pick a pile, then have to watch a dvd out of that pile :').
6. eat.
7. try drinking as much green tea as possible for some much needed anti-oxidants.
8. housework. i'm not even going to pretend i don't enjoy it.
9. catch up on all the stuff stored on my sky+ planner.
10. read magazines (favourites include elle, cosmo, company, and instyle).
11. eat.
12. think of things that i could write a book about, then realise i'll never be creative enough to write a book, then wallow in self pity at being so talentless.
13. read the back of all my criminal minds boxsets in the hope i'll find an episode i haven't seen.
14. go on the treadmill and attempt near impossible yoga positions.
15. close all the windows, turn the telly up, and sing like there's no tomorrow.
16. eat.
17. listen to radio1 and randomly dance around.
18. look at all the work i've got to do, then decide that doing nothing is more important.
19. browse the internet, mainly looking at things i'll never be able to afford.
20. go on people stylewatch and vote on everything.
21. eat.
22. text my boyfriend random things to wind him up (today's random texts included "why don't you come on over vaaaaalerieeeee")
23. randomly order something on amazon or asos.
24. sing in the bath.
25. every now and then get scared someone else is in the house, so i check every room just in case.

this song just came into my head for some reason, i think it's because the sun is out and i keep getting annoyed at people for not wearing enough sunscreen ha.

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