Thursday, 15 September 2011

wishlist wednesday on a thursday

Meant to post about this yesterday but lazy me spent the day in bed watching films hah. By the way, this is another university related post :).

So I'm not too worried about storage space in uni as I have a decent sized cupboard, a rather large desk & some shelves aaand I think there's storage space under the beds too. If you go to this page, there's a video of where I'll be living. The one thing I am a bit concerned about is DVD space. The shelves are probably going to house all my textbooks & the cupboard will be for my clothes, obviously. I'm not even sure if I'll be watching DVDs often when I get there but I'd rather have them with me than not, because I am a total film geek. I'm considering a DVD stand and maybe some DVD boxes too (I have a lot of DVDs).

Something like this, though to me it looks more like a CD stand?

And then something like these

Both from Ikea. I bloody love Ikea.
I'd probably spruce them up a bit but white seems a good starting point :)
Everyone ready for uni now? Think I've got basically everything but I just don't feel ready to leave home! Going to miss certain people so much!

P.S. if you haven't already heard it, check out Jon Mclaughlin's new album. It's on Spotify and you should be able to find it elsewhere too :). His songs Human, Beautiful disaster and Love have been favourites of mine for years! He's a bit soppy but I love him anyway!