Tuesday, 6 September 2011

e.l.f lengthening & volumising mascara

I was a bit unsure how to spell "volumising"; e.l.f spell it with a 'z' on the product and with an 's' on the receipt type thing, and my Safari thinks they're both wrong haha. I got it in the bank holiday sale for £1.75 (my order finally came yesterday, woohoo!), usual price £3.50. 

my wimpy bare lashes before being curled

one coat on top lashes, after being curled

two on top, one on bottom

two on top, one on bottom

I do my mascara before the rest of my make-up, so if my skin looks diseased or anything then that's why. Also, sorry if anyone gets creeped out by eyes! 

This held up pretty well today. I walked to the train station in the wind & cried (at a film) and it stayed on for the most part. E.l.f say it "lasts all day with no smudging and no flaking". I didn't notice any flaking, of course it smudged from me crying but it never claimed to be waterproof! It dried quickly too. All in all, I think this is a very good day-to-day mascara. 

One thing I wasn't happy about was the size of it! Before I opened it, I thought that the wand side was the amount of product you get. Though I probably shouldn't have expected so much when it's only £3.50!

Sorry for the flash & the fact that it's posed on top of Little Women, it only just occurred to me to take a picture and the book just happened to be next to me. 

Anyone else loving the weather we're having lately? I'm such an A/W girl!
 And was anyone else an absolute wreck after One Tree Hill last night?