Wednesday, 7 September 2011

wishlist wednesday ish

I went in Debenhams for the first time in ages today, so I am now in love with everything in the H! by Henry Holland collection. This jumper is my favourite; seriously, how cute is that?! I've tried getting a picture up but it just won't work, sorry! It's also a lot nicer in real life. I want basically every jumper & cardigan that there is, here's a link to the jumpers & cardigans section. Sorry I didn't manage to get any pictures! Topshop also have a lot of nice things in at the moment.

Today's been a really good day. I went Cardiff shopping with my friend (managed to restrain myself) and there was a man in the middle of the street handing out free bars of Galaxy chocolate! We assumed it was some new chocolate and this was sort of a promotion, but it was a normal bar & apparently it was just to brighten up a miserable day. Another reason to love Galaxy, yes?

Took my friend in Lush for the first time as she's never been in there! She was so cute, she couldn't get over how pretty & nice smelling everything was haha. I managed to come away with just a new bar of The Comforter - had a bubble bath tonight, this weather is totally bubble bath weather! - and a free sample of The Godmother, which I'm yet to try. The people that work in Lush are so lovely! 

What brightened up your day today?
What's your favourite Lush product?