Monday, 12 September 2011

the breakfast club

The title has nothing whatsoever to do with the post; it just happens to be one of my favourite films and I'm watching it at the moment. Anyone else like it? Personally, I'm all for '80s teen films!

I'm sure everyone that reads this blog is aware of Batiste and needs no introduction, but it is one of my few absolutely essential products so it seems about time I posted about it. Also, not everyone will have tried this scent.  I'm not all that fussed on the smell of it, it smells like cheap perfume to me. But my mother always whinges about the smell when I use the regular Batiste and this version doesn't seem to bother her. It doesn't smell that bad, it's actually alright from afar but it can be a bit strong when you're using it. I'm weirdly sensitive to smells though so this may not bother other people so much! This is the 200ml version so it's ideal for me as the normal sized bottles run out stupidly quickly. I think it set me back £2.99 from Tesco, it was definitely less than £3 anyway.

The main reason I use dry shampoo is for my full fringe. Not because it's greasy all the time, but because it tends to split. I know there are other products out there that are specifically designed to hold hair in place and blah blah blah but Batiste is the only thing that works on my fringe. It makes it look cleaner, gives it just the right amount of volume, works better than any hairspray I've ever used, and is very affordable!

What are your absolutely essential products?
Are you a fan of dry shampoo or do you think we should stop being so lazy and actually wash our hair?

P.S. ran 3 miles earlier. Usually that's fine, not so much when you have a cough and your asthma's playing up though. Don't try this at home, kids!