Monday, 19 September 2011


 jumper: urban outfitters
jeans: asos
necklace: topshop

My first ever Urban Outfitters purchase! I've never ordered offline as the selection just overwhelmed me, and I've never been in the Cardiff shop before as I tend to stick to Queen Street and the arcades for shopping so I'd just never came across it. This time, I made a point of finding out from friends where it was, and also asked the woman working in Leia. I felt like she owed me it since my mother and I had just paid over £90 on bras! 

Anyway, it's a really nice shop. It's the only Urban Outfitters in Wales and it's apparently one of the biggest  in the UK? My mother hated me by the time we left though! Wore this outfit up my boyfriend's house last night for a chinese & x-factor, anyone else watch it? I don't really have a favourite person that stands out at the minute, but that'll probably change after bootcamp. Who's your favourite?

Been to the dentist today so I'm super miserable right now! I'm usually terrified of the dentist and cry the whole way through *cringe* but I've figured out that it doesn't even hurt that much when I have to have a filling, it's just the fear of it. So I managed to keep calm and avoid turning on the water works, though my poor mother's hand is now crushed from me squeezing it the whole time hah.

Anyone fancy linking to their posts in the comments? I feel like I miss out on loads as I'm too lazy to scroll through the dashboard!
Have a good week :)