Sunday, 11 September 2011

sporadic summary - happy sunday

top: dorothy perkins
bag: next
belt: h&m
shorts: my trusty republic ones
tights: next i think

1. Woke up at 4am on Thursday with either a ridiculously bad cold or a mild flu type thing, and it's stuck around since then. I feel really out of the blogging loop since I just haven't had the energy or the inclination to blog, but hopefully that'll be different this week! It also made me feel quite down in the dumps because my Bampy is ill so I'm not allowed to see him when I have germs, so I was missing him. Sad I know hah. Oh, just to let you know - I'm not a hypochondriac, I just have a crappy immune system and quite bad luck!

2. Found out my university accommodation this week! I got into my fourth choice out of fourteen, and my fourth choice was one that a lot of people wanted, so I can't complain! I was a bit miffed at first because I reaaaally wanted an en suite and it turns out I'm not going to get one, but then I found out that the only person I know in real life who's going to Aberystwyth is in the same accommodation as me :D. So he has been warned that if people aren't nice to me in Freshers, I will be stalking him. 

3. MY POTTERMORE EMAIL CAME. And I may have stayed up until about 3am exploring it, don't judge me. I got stupidly excited over my wand as well, just wish it was real *sigh*. I got sorted into Hufflepuff, obvz something went wrong since I clearly belong in Gryffindor. Feel free to add me, my username is WatchFirebolt94

4. Jedward should have won CBB and I already want Mark to win BB. And strictly is back, woo!

Hope everyone has a lovely lazy Sunday!