Sunday, 17 July 2011


I am one of those crazy people that is there waiting for the doors to open, which was at 5am on Saturday. I'm not really sure why I like it so much, think it's just for the whole experience. Plus there are some awesome bargains!

The Next sale is my favourite. It's a shop that's known for being good quality and they do actually have a lot of really nice stuff! This is what I got..

one of them was £10 and the other was £12

sorry about the feet in the bottom haha. The top with the feet was £8, the other two were £6, I think.

originally £10, down to £3.

originally £8, now £4.

I don't remember how much these were (they were all together by the way)

Pretty sure this was £2.50.

These shoes are my babies! I saw them in two other colours for £14 but these didn't have a sale tag on it, so naturally I asked someone if they were on sale and she said yes. But they weren't. But that didn't stop me.
They were £28 :).
I also got a few other bits that weren't really worth photographing (a few pairs of earrings, and some plain t-shirts).

Then after the sale I was waiting at Starbucks for it to open (it was either 7 or 7:30) and recovered with a grande classic hot chocolate with cream and a giant chocolate cookie :).