Saturday, 5 November 2011

two posts in two days!

Jumper: Asos
Chinos: Male section of Primark
Bag: Primark 

Posting again, what has gotten into me?! Anyway, wore this for an emergency trip to McDonald's to cure a hangover the other day haha. I adore this outfit, think it's just the way the colours compliment each other. Also wore one of my pairs of brogues with this but sadly I haven't figured out a way to take full length pictures in my new room yet. I'll figure it out soon though!

I'm trying to stay in and do work like a good little student but it's just not turning out as planned haha. Decided now that I'm allowed to read one blog post for every act of Titus Andronicus that I read, and then for every chapter of my other books that I read. Oh, life..

What's everyone up to this week?
Any website recommendations for an incredibly bored person in dire need of new procrastination methods?