Saturday, 19 November 2011

the morning after the night before

cardigan: stolen off mam
scarf: asda, literally years old
top: boohoo, actually a dress
skirt: h&m
not sure if you can see my nail varnish but it's rimmel funtime fuschia. 

Hello there, happy Saturday! Anyone else hungover? Blergh. Feel ridiculously rough today so got dressed and put make-up on to disguise it ha. There's a paint party at my student union tonight but I'm trying to avoid it, mainly because I'm too protective over all of my clothes to allow any to be damaged by paint but also because I'm going to be a good student and read the book I was supposed to have read last week damn it. What've you got planned for tonight?

Bought the 30 day shred this week. Feel like I've put on so much weight since being at uni! I'm thinking do it now, then do it just after the Christmas holidays and I should stay round about the size I want to be :). Anyone done the 30 day shred? What's it like? Any advice? I'm actually a bit nervous for some strange reason!

Also, was set my next assignment this week. Read the questions and DON'T  UNDERSTAND A THING AH. Definitely not cut out for the work part of uni!

P.S. in case you can't tell, the camera caught me off guard haha.