Tuesday, 29 November 2011

i'm not really a waitress

Am I the only one that loves the name of this nail varnish? Nail polish names are actually my favourite thing about O.P.I. So I got this as part of O.P.I's Best of the Best set, which I got through BuyaPowa. If you don't know what BuyaPowa is, you're missing out! When you order something you become a co-buyer and the more co-buyers there are, the cheaper the price of the item is. So I got the set for £17.50 instead of about £27.

The other colours in the set are: Alpine Snow, Bubble Bath, Tickle My France-y, Strawberry Margarita, Cajun Shrimp, Big Apple Red, You Don't Know Jacques!, Russian Navy and Lincoln Park After Dark.

I love this colour, it's so Christmassy! But I do have issues with this nail varnish. It makes my nails look awful. It shows up every single ridge possible, and it makes a mess around the edges too. BOO. But it's still lovely :).

P.S. Remember I mentioned a pyjama party? Well I went and met Aled from Radio 1! He's from Aberystwyth so occasionally pops up and does stuff for the union. Excuse my hair/face/general appearance, look how cute he is!