Monday, 21 November 2011


jumper: h&m
short & belt: republic
bag: primark

These pictures are so rough hahah. Cousin It much? Seriously though, I am so tired! Looking forward to my day off on Wednesday already. Still got seminar prep and an essay to do, plus a film viewing to go to. Gah.

Started the 30 day shred yesterday. It was ok at the time, didn't seem that hard. Obviously I was sweaty and occasionally out of breath but I didn't particularly struggle. Then I woke up this morning. Oh. My. God. My legs are in agony! At least that means it's working though I suppose. 

Listening to Rihanna's new album at the moment, anyone else heard it? It hasn't blown me away or anything but it seems like a bit of a grower. Same goes for Pixie Lott's album. Any new music recommendations?