Wednesday, 1 June 2011

wishlist wednesday

Am I the only one still messed up from Bank Holiday? I thought it was Tuesday today & I was ready to do an outfit post, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

There isn't really anything beauty related I want, and I'm avoiding clothes shops/websites since I've put myself on a spending ban. It's really hard. However, I've decided to start saving for a designer bag. Not sure which one yet, i just want my own designer bag that I've paid for myself :).

Also, my Desperate Housewives season 2 boxset still hasn't turned up! It actually took so long that I was able to get my money back and re-order it!

image taken from here

Has anyone watched last night's 90210?! I'm watching it at the moment; it may be stupid but one thing on my wishlist is for Raj to stay alive :( and for Annie & Liam and Naomie & Max to all stay together. Can you tell I watch too much tv...haha.