Tuesday, 28 June 2011

sporadic summary

My exams are overrr! I promise to get back into more beauty/clothes related posts soon, but for the moment you'll just have to settle for a sporadic summary :).

1. Castle Bingo is brilliant. I went with three friends yesterday and we had such a good time! It reminded us of caravan-site entertainment and we were the youngest there but it was still really good. We paid £10 to get in (it's more expensive on other nights though) and had a 12 page book each, as well as a couple of extra bingo ones, and it got really intense haha. We've already decided to go again, it makes for a really fun night :).

2. I have a job interview later. It's highly unlikely I'll get it because I have no previous experience and they like experience, boo! Still worth a go though.

3. Has anyone been watching the programmes on Sky Atlantic? My mother's got me into Blue Bloods and The Chicago Code, they're so good! I'm also going through an '80s film phase at the moment, John Hughes was such a good film-maker.

4. Slightly ashamed about this one..I really don't want Geordie Shore to finish :( It's the last episode tonight I think, really hope they make a second series! I feel like I'm allowed to like one reality programme and this is it :).