Thursday, 6 October 2011

bloggy blog

So I'm hoping this is my return to the "blogging world" for good! Freshers was just a bit insane (I didn't go to sleep before 4am once) and this week I've had a few lectures/seminars and then just been with my friends all the time. Anyway, I have a review for you!

I'm not sure where else this is sold but I got mine from Superdrug. There is a Boots in Aberystwyth but I've never found it on purpose, I always just sort of stumble past it on a night out or after a trip to the beach hah. But the Superdrug is on the main road through town so it's a lot easier to find. It cost £1.99 and it smells absolutely divine, it really is like rubbing yourself in strawberry milkshake!

I'm not sure whether it actually did anything good for my skin, but it didn't irritate it at all. For £1.99, I may be willing to use it purely for the smell. I've been getting a lot more into shower gels lately since I have no bath here, booooo.

The one thing I didn't like about the product is the grammar on the bottle. It really is bad. I know mine isn't exactly perfect but I do this for fun, this isn't on something that people are going to buy!

Anyway, a little update on my life for you now! I'm singleee. It's no big deal really and I'm not that bothered, I just didn't think it was fair on either of us to stay together when we'd probably be happier and have more fun if we finished. I LOVE my flatmates, though there is one girl I'm not sure of and one boy who does nothing for the flat (like he doesn't cook or clean). My lectures and everything are going OK but I suppose it's early days yet. Basically, though, I'm insanely happy!